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Slick, Sick Trumpery: or Maybe it is more complicated than Crazy is as Crazy does

Today, my faithful and faithless followers, the Good (and Not So Good) Words asks you to look at the margins. To not focus on the spectacle at the center of the three ring circus of national politics. Trump is a bad clown act, but he is not the Ring Master. Trumpery = Showy but worthless. […]

Bad News Blues: Pondering how to make the news good

Today, my faithful and faithless followers, I spend a bit of time writing about the bad news blues. I should be working on a job application, so I can pay for the upkeep of this here Mission to Save the Whole Wide World and Little Old You, but that can keep. Most mornings I check […]

Saving the Whole Wide World and Little Old You: A Reboot

Can I get an Amen? Can I get an Awoman? Can I get a some days it feels like we’re going to hell in a hand-basket, a hand-basket that is simultaneously on fire and flooding? Life is hard. Life is complicated. In these almost-but-not-quite End Times, we are facing catastrophe, calamity, chaos. The world is […]

Microfracture 3rd Day After

Less drugs, but oddly, more sleeping. Wish I could get my own glass of water. Friend dropped by and I couldn’t focus. I sleep and read and work my way to the bathroom to pee. Still no poop. Ah, how I want to poop. In some ways, I move much easier, but now I’m unsure, […]

Microfracture 2nd day after

I felt sorry for myself today. Trapped in the house, stiff and sore, and lonely, on a bit of a bluesy trip from the pain meds. Things felt unreal. But the world continues to spin out atrocities, which also feel unreal. Tonight, I cannot write about the surgery. I think about History, & War, & […]

Microfracture 1st Day After

I will write more of the why, what and how of the microfracture surgery when I feel a bit better. Surgery went well. Yesterday was hard but not impossible. Only a few teary moments of absolute frustration. Two months on crutches without putting any body weight on my left leg will be no small feat, […]

Microfracture future

It is 5:30 am. I’ve been up since 3 am. Owls are vocalizing to one another. One of cats cleans herself. In about an hour, B will drive me to the surgery center. In four hours, I will be knocked out and the surgeon will clean out the crumbly, crunchy cartilage, drill into my bone […]

Filling The Thank Full: Second Sunday 2015

Today, I am grateful for Florida seasons.  The temperature has shifted– today, the high was only 82 F or so, tonight it will get down to 63 F or so, giving us a taste of Fall. The temperatures will go back up, though not quite as high, as the next batch of rain comes rolling […]

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Community Cant: The necessary but flawed fantasy of what community can do

A month or so ago, someone I worked closely with died in one of those devastating ways. Several, in their social media posts, reminded people that if they are hurting to reach out to the community that cares, to call a crisis line, to do anything but what this person had done. This piece of […]

Filling the Thank Full: Fourth Sunday June 2015

Today I am thankful that I gave myself a break after hard two year push to finish the MLIS (I graduated May 2nd). I let myself goof off for the better part of two months. I needed time to unwind. Now I pick projects up joyfully. I have writing projects, performance projects, house projects & […]