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Slick, Sick Trumpery: or Maybe it is more complicated than Crazy is as Crazy does

Today, my faithful and faithless followers, the Good (and Not So Good) Words asks you to look at the margins. To not focus on the spectacle at the center of the three ring circus of national politics. Trump is a bad clown act, but he is not the Ring Master. Trumpery = Showy but worthless. […]

Filling the Thank Full Second Sunday June 2015

As this warm summer day slides into one of those summer nights, I take a few moments to give thanks. I am grateful for:  Beautiful skirts (two) that swish & swirls around my knees.  Feet sore from walking & dancing A brain full with interesting thoughts about art & libraries & life How much nicer […]

Scrap of Scripture: The rhetorical skill of Allendra Letsome

Today I performed at the 2013 Florida NOW Conference, and while my performance went well, that is not the focus of this dose of the Good (and Not So Good) Words. I want to point to the words of Allendra Letsome. Now if I could, I would link you to some bit of her writing […]

Vermon: Happy & Heartbroken

Filling the Thank Full: Second Sunday in October 2012

Ah, my faithful and faithless followers, we have made it through another week, and while I fail in my goals to fill the thank full every Sunday, I am here right now and that is what I am going to focus on. Tonight, I give thanks for tear inducing a cappella singing of Bach. I […]

Good Words from Jimmy nil Fishhawk: what biscuits and gravy train is this?

It has taken a bit, but as promised Wednesdays are the day when I lift up other people’s Good (and Not So Good) Words, Images, Ideas, Dances, Videos, Audio Pieces (etc and so forth). This week I would like to shine a little loving light on Jimmy nil Fishhawk. I’ve known Jimmy for twenty one […]

Vermon: Cat Poop on the Stove, A roundabout meditation on feeding the hungry

This week’s Vermon for my faithful and faithless followers.

Meanderer’s Musings: Praise Talking Walk

The last time I seriously tried to write The Daily Dose of the Good (and Not So Good) Words each and every day, I came up with the idea of writing “off the cuff.” Off the Cuff pieces were supposed to be short so they wouldn’t take so much time. Most doses take me four […]

Vomit a little, Penis Crystals and Compline

Filling the Thank-Full: Second Sunday in October Three disparate things from the past two days for which I give thanks. Vomit a little Satan in Devil’s Ink: Blog from the Basement Office by Jeffry C. Pugh on humans: “Many of them pursue what what they laughingly call “the good life.” The truly ‘good life’ is […]

Class acts

Once again, my cat does not care that I wish to write. She is being unbearably, puke inducing cute and more than a little annoying. My husband, who has much longer arms and pushes his laptop away from him on the desk so there are acres of space for the cat to lounge in, has […]