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A recipe: tasty Fat Tuesday happy mixed with Ash in the the mouth Wednesday somber

In the liturgical Christian tradition today is the last day before Lent. Lent is a period of somber reflection, letting go of harmful to self and other habits and taking on good for self and other spiritual practices. In New Orleans, it is Fat Tuesday, a day of excess and pageantry. For Anglicans and Episcopalians […]

Tilting at Windmills; or how to have a Cardboard Sea Change Year

It has been a little more than a year since I wrote any Good (or Not So Good) Words. As we begin 2015, I find myself ready to take back up the work of trying to save the whole wide world and little old you. It still is unclear what I want to save your […]

Cat puke under the Xmas tree

Richard, the 17 pound beast, had an epic puking session under the Christmas tree, which seems oddly apropos the day after Xmas. Got to purge so more can be taken in. Sometimes, all of us on the left like to complain about the orgy of consumption without remembering that days and days of celebrating seems […]

Merry Christmas

I find that I want to write, even if it is just a few sentences to wish those of my faithful and faithless followers who partake in the MAS festivities a very merry Christmas. The nice thing about carving time out each day, generally at the end of the day, to write with Advent candles […]

Christmas Eve- a few images and vignettes

I have a small shiny burn spot on my right index finger. I burnt it taking banana nut muffins out of the oven. The muffins are based on a recipe by a woman named Lynn. She was a regular customer at the Original Book Gallery, the bookstore I worked at in my late teens, very […]

The Airing of Grievances, or how to have fun on Festivus

I have no aluminum pole. The festive meal was not very festive. While I did feats of strength earlier, I have not done the feats of strength (and endurance) that I promised to myself that I would do today. I have a slight headache, and I am in a bad mood, and I might be […]

Fill the Thank Full: Fourth Sunday in Advent 2013

It has been a slow moving, grumbly weekend that somehow disappeared all too quickly. Of late, I have been writing the Good (and Not So Good) Words late- between 10:30 and 11:30 p.m. sometimes in the last fifteen minutes of a day. Tonight, I will take time to give thanks early because I am in […]

Warm Winter Solstice

Now, many of my faithful and faithless followers are well aware that The Bishop Family Compound (BFC) is in North Central Florida, and now, the rest of y’all have been duly informed. This geographical marker is important to tonight’s Dose of the Good (and Not So Good) Words. It was the Winter Solstice today, at […]

Not winning but still finding joy

I spent much of the day watching Christmas movies. Now, y’all have to understand that most days the number of hours I spend in front of the TV is precisely ZERO. During an average week I don’t watch any TV shows or movies. During an average month, I watch maybe five hours total. Most of […]

Merry Hucking Bum Hug!

It is the nineteenth day of Advent, my candles are lit, I am at the computer, but that may be as far as I am willing to commit. I so did not want to pull my ass out of bed to spend a little time typing some bit of something. The past few evenings have […]