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Slick, Sick Trumpery: or Maybe it is more complicated than Crazy is as Crazy does

Today, my faithful and faithless followers, the Good (and Not So Good) Words asks you to look at the margins. To not focus on the spectacle at the center of the three ring circus of national politics. Trump is a bad clown act, but he is not the Ring Master. Trumpery = Showy but worthless. […]

Let’s Just Say I Hope

Today, I read Marilyn Nelson‘s “how i discovered poetry” a “sequence of fifty unrhymed sonnets” that use personal and political events from the time she was four in 1950 to the time she was fourteen in 1960 to build a picture of the life for a girl in a military family. The author never denies […]

Off the cuff: A bird in the face is worth my two cents

During a trip to Tampa taken earlier this year, which I mentioned in post way back when, I went with my sister and nephew to a mediocre, overpriced sea food restaurant called Whiskey Joe’s. The main reason my sister took us there was that is was a gorgeous day to be sitting on a deck […]

Revelations at Stupid O’Clock in the Morning

As I write these words for my few faithful and faithless followers, I notice that the digital clock in my computer says 5:17 a.m. I have been up since a bit after 4 am, when my cats caused a bunch of ruckus that woke me and the three 8 week old puppies. The pups spent […]

Traveling in Place: a response to Dear Sugar’s advice to a young man wondering if he should stay or go

Sometime last year or very early this year, I read Tiny Beautiful Things: Advice on Love and Life from Dear Sugar by Cheryl Strayed. It is a heartbreakingly wonderful book. Ms. Strayed combines profound compassion with deep insight. I liked her writing. She knows when to use humor (and when not to) in response to […]

Meanderer’s Musings: Sexism, cats, birds, planes, flowers, trains, families, more sexism and directions

While I am not agoraphobic, I sometimes have to fight against the urge to stay holed up at home. Today, it took quite a bit of self talk to propel my ass out the door. I simultaneously wanted and did not want to walk. I drank coffee slowly, started reading a book I’ve read several […]

Meanderer’s Musings: Moving in Place

The past few weeks have been full to the rafters with work (day jobs, paid video project work, creative work, planning work and yes, even a few chores though not as much as I should have done). I have not gone on a neighborhood walk in quite a while. I miss it. While I haven’t […]

Filling the Thank Full: First Sunday in March 2013

So here at the Bishop Family Compound, we’ve been outputting like crazy- writing, shooting video for ourselves and for others, performing in a variety of personae, more writing, editing of words (we’ve been procrastinating on the editing of video footage) meeting about art projects, planning for art projects as well as working day jobs and […]

Struck by Rosalie Lightning

As my faithful and faithless followers know, on the Wednesdays that I actually write I most often hold up the Good Words and/or Good Works of creative types. I often offer my own thoughts on the work and once in a blue moon I might be a bit critical. But my primary goal is to […]

A little smidgen of service and its rewards

I had plans of writing about someone else’s service today. Did some preliminary scribbles, traced my way through some ideas, let things simmer a bit. But, y’all knew there would be a but, last night I drove Momma down to Tampa to visit my sister and nephew. We spent the night, then spent a long […]