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Neat and Tidy, a messy multipart essay, part one

[This is the first of a series of loosely connected, perhaps sometimes contradictory, essays sparked by various books and conversations around ideas of neatness, messiness, and the good life]. In my library district many people have waited long months to read Marie Kondo’s book The life-changing magic of tidying up: the Japanese art of decluttering […]

The service given by our things

I type this to the sound of a hard drive copying data from the almost dead computer, a computer giving its last, gasp after six hard years of use. The copying is a tedious process, in part because the functionality of the keyboard on the old ‘puter is zilch. But I realize that I would […]

Those who serve cats and pups

It is the fifth day of Advent. When I started this Dose of the Good (and Not So Good) Words, one of my cats was sitting next to the candle burning in the Advent wreath. This reminded me of the young, small kitten I met this morning before going to work. My neighbor directly across […]

Revelations at Stupid O’Clock in the Morning

As I write these words for my few faithful and faithless followers, I notice that the digital clock in my computer says 5:17 a.m. I have been up since a bit after 4 am, when my cats caused a bunch of ruckus that woke me and the three 8 week old puppies. The pups spent […]

Artful listening: Not at the Dinner Table

It has been a few days since I’ve written, but today it is easy peasy to post a dose of the Good (and Not So Good) Words. As my faithful and faithless followers know, generally on Wednesdays when I do manage to write I write about the Good Words and/or Good Works of some creative […]

Generational gifts on a hard day

Yesterday my soul was a bit crispy. Way too much caffeine at dinner the night before got my brain cranking. Sleep was long in coming, and then I woke up too early, brain buzzing. When my brain is buzzing, I get a lot of work done, much of it good, but there is a cost. […]

Sweet Somethings of Service

Today’s dose of the Good (and Not So Good) Words will be short, if it is sweet I will leave for my faithful and faithless followers to determine. Today’s dose will be short because yesterday’s was so god awful long. Besides which I am tired. Today was a Alexander and the Horrible, No Good Very […]

My thousand paper crane Ash Wednesday wish

This dose of the Good (and Not So Good) Words is going to take a while because I plan to fold together Ash Wednesday, Valentine’s Day, Vday, violence against women, generational violence, cranes (live and paper) and art. I do not have a pattern, so I am not sure what we will end up with. […]

A little smidgen of service and its rewards

I had plans of writing about someone else’s service today. Did some preliminary scribbles, traced my way through some ideas, let things simmer a bit. But, y’all knew there would be a but, last night I drove Momma down to Tampa to visit my sister and nephew. We spent the night, then spent a long […]

Ruminations on Those Who Serve

Due to my irregular publishing schedule, it may be difficult for my faithful and faithless followers to remember that Thursday is the day that I put together a dose of the Good (and Not So Good) Words on the theme of service. I have been meditating on the theme all day. Ruminating perhaps would be […]