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Meanderer’s Meditation: A resolution

Ages ago, you may remember, I declared that on Mondays I would write about movement powered by the human body, mainly my body’s movement, mainly walking and biking. Today, after a vigorous set of strength training, I walked and jogged 2 miles on the treadmill. Later, I biked to an appointment and back home (perhaps […]

Meanderer’s Meditation: Mystic Movements

I plan to write something every dang day of Advent. You can treat the (at least for the first 25 days of December) Daily Dose of the Good (and Not So Good) Words as a little Advent calendar delivered right into your mail box. Every day, you get to open up a new box, which […]

Meanderer’s Musings: Jogging my ear

For the first time in a long time I went for a run in my neighborhood. Well really, it was more of a jog. As I jogged down the trail, I noticed that the faster I go the more attuned to sound I become. Perhaps it is because much of the time my eyes are […]

Meanderer’s Musings: Sexism, cats, birds, planes, flowers, trains, families, more sexism and directions

While I am not agoraphobic, I sometimes have to fight against the urge to stay holed up at home. Today, it took quite a bit of self talk to propel my ass out the door. I simultaneously wanted and did not want to walk. I drank coffee slowly, started reading a book I’ve read several […]

Meanderer’s Musings: Moving in Place

The past few weeks have been full to the rafters with work (day jobs, paid video project work, creative work, planning work and yes, even a few chores though not as much as I should have done). I have not gone on a neighborhood walk in quite a while. I miss it. While I haven’t […]

Meanderer’s Musings: Shit on the Side of the Road

I want to write today’s dose of the Good (and Not So Good) Words while listening to Dr. Bill’s Super Awesome Musical Happy Time on Grow Radio. But soon, I will have to turn off the radio despite how much I like the music because I am not one of those writers who can listen […]

Meanderer’s Musings: The care and cultivation of petulance

I wrote a bit of this dose of the Good (and Not So Good) Words, went for a mile walk, came back, showered, piddled online and then finally grabbed my bottle of words to pour out the rest of today’s dose. I re-read what I wrote and got rid of half because on my walk […]