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Fill the Thank Full: Fourth Sunday in Advent 2013

It has been a slow moving, grumbly weekend that somehow disappeared all too quickly. Of late, I have been writing the Good (and Not So Good) Words late- between 10:30 and 11:30 p.m. sometimes in the last fifteen minutes of a day. Tonight, I will take time to give thanks early because I am in […]

Those who serve cats and pups

It is the fifth day of Advent. When I started this Dose of the Good (and Not So Good) Words, one of my cats was sitting next to the candle burning in the Advent wreath. This reminded me of the young, small kitten I met this morning before going to work. My neighbor directly across […]

Coffee and cats: a round-a-bout meditation on our bodies and computers

I write this with a cup of coffee on the left side of my laptop, one cat on the end of the table busy cleaning herself and another cat on my right in the window sniffing around to better understand the world around him. The small, sharp barks of my father’s puppy come through said […]

Off the cuff: A bird in the face is worth my two cents

During a trip to Tampa taken earlier this year, which I mentioned in post way back when, I went with my sister and nephew to a mediocre, overpriced sea food restaurant called Whiskey Joe’s. The main reason my sister took us there was that is was a gorgeous day to be sitting on a deck […]