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In which Bishop Bishop reveals Romance Novels as sacred scripture worthy of study.

The Airing of Grievances, or how to have fun on Festivus

I have no aluminum pole. The festive meal was not very festive. While I did feats of strength earlier, I have not done the feats of strength (and endurance) that I promised to myself that I would do today. I have a slight headache, and I am in a bad mood, and I might be […]

Fill the Thank Full: Fourth Sunday in Advent 2013

It has been a slow moving, grumbly weekend that somehow disappeared all too quickly. Of late, I have been writing the Good (and Not So Good) Words late- between 10:30 and 11:30 p.m. sometimes in the last fifteen minutes of a day. Tonight, I will take time to give thanks early because I am in […]

Not winning but still finding joy

I spent much of the day watching Christmas movies. Now, y’all have to understand that most days the number of hours I spend in front of the TV is precisely ZERO. During an average week I don’t watch any TV shows or movies. During an average month, I watch maybe five hours total. Most of […]

Merry Hucking Bum Hug!

It is the nineteenth day of Advent, my candles are lit, I am at the computer, but that may be as far as I am willing to commit. I so did not want to pull my ass out of bed to spend a little time typing some bit of something. The past few evenings have […]

Meanderer’s Meditations: Strong legs and cold hurt knees

I will be keeping this Dose of the Good (and Not So Good) Words short, because I have a slight headache, and it is cold as hell in my no central heat house, and I want to lie down in bed with the spouse and the cats and warm up. The candles are lit, and […]

Filling the Thank Full, Third Sunday of Advent 2013

Tonight, right in this moment, here are a few things for which I give thanks: The way a splash of rum makes store bought eggnog semi-tasty, not nearly as good as my homemade eggnog, but it takes a lot less work to pour a dash of rum into the cup. The light from three candles […]

If I were a rethreaded bell

Part of me wants to write profound things going on for quite a while, but the larger part of me is tired, a bit bleary eyed and less concerned with profundity. Tonight the larger part of me enjoys the small things; like the pointy head candlelight flame, and the glimmer and wink of the ornaments […]

Filling the Thank Full Second Sunday of Advent 2013

Yawns relaxing me from head to toe. Yesterday’s shopping trips, which included a purchase at Paynes Prairie. Yellow gold glow of two candles. Puttering with poetry put me in this perversely playful mood. Pizza served to 100 people, all hungry, many without homes. Peace at the end of a very full weekend. Megacomics and mattresses. […]

Last day of the first week of Advent

The first week of Advent almost is over. I would love to say something profound, but things are simple right now, and I am so tired that my eyes are watering and my nose is running. I get lots done while letting (too) many things slide. I am satisfied with my life and also wanting […]

Those who serve cats and pups

It is the fifth day of Advent. When I started this Dose of the Good (and Not So Good) Words, one of my cats was sitting next to the candle burning in the Advent wreath. This reminded me of the young, small kitten I met this morning before going to work. My neighbor directly across […]