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In which Bishop Bishop schpiels about actual religions, their scriptures and related topics. Sometimes she does this in an ironically earnest way, other times in an earnestly ironic manner.

A recipe: tasty Fat Tuesday happy mixed with Ash in the the mouth Wednesday somber

In the liturgical Christian tradition today is the last day before Lent. Lent is a period of somber reflection, letting go of harmful to self and other habits and taking on good for self and other spiritual practices. In New Orleans, it is Fat Tuesday, a day of excess and pageantry. For Anglicans and Episcopalians […]

Too tired to write so I offer you a Part of art

Recently, a co-worker who plays oboe gave me the names of a few new to me composers. One of them, Arvo Part writes classical and sacred music. I’m too damn tired to write much of anything, so I leave you with this sample of Arvo Part’s Te Deum.

There is no moral to a massacre

In any given week many horrible things happen. Some are truly horrific, like the Charlie Hebdo Massacre and the others are disturbing, like the bombing at the NAACP in Colorado (luckily no deaths). At times, I will write about current events. But I often hesitate. There is so much out there about the massacre, and […]

The Airing of Grievances, or how to have fun on Festivus

I have no aluminum pole. The festive meal was not very festive. While I did feats of strength earlier, I have not done the feats of strength (and endurance) that I promised to myself that I would do today. I have a slight headache, and I am in a bad mood, and I might be […]

Cranky, cripsy, and candle lit

Yesterday, I was full of thanks. Today, I am tired and more than a little irritated. I am crispy around the edges; congested, mouth and stomach fatigued from eating too much crap today, tired body aches that hint at Aunt Flo crashing my pad in the next few days, a chill in my core, that […]

Filling the Thank Full Second Sunday of Advent 2013

Yawns relaxing me from head to toe. Yesterday’s shopping trips, which included a purchase at Paynes Prairie. Yellow gold glow of two candles. Puttering with poetry put me in this perversely playful mood. Pizza served to 100 people, all hungry, many without homes. Peace at the end of a very full weekend. Megacomics and mattresses. […]

Last day of the first week of Advent

The first week of Advent almost is over. I would love to say something profound, but things are simple right now, and I am so tired that my eyes are watering and my nose is running. I get lots done while letting (too) many things slide. I am satisfied with my life and also wanting […]

Short and sweet sixth sliding into seventh

Technically, the sixth day slid into the seventh day without my sitting down to write; it being a couple of minutes past midnight. But since I haven’t gone to bed yet, I’m counting this as keeping my commitment. This is going to be very short because not only am I brain dead from finishing up […]

Those who serve cats and pups

It is the fifth day of Advent. When I started this Dose of the Good (and Not So Good) Words, one of my cats was sitting next to the candle burning in the Advent wreath. This reminded me of the young, small kitten I met this morning before going to work. My neighbor directly across […]

There is no Frigate like a Book

I have almost run out of time on this fourth day of Advent. But just in the nick, in the crack between the fourth and fifth day, I sat my ass down and reminded my overfull brain what, so very long ago, I committed to writing about on Wednesdays. For those of my faithful and […]