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In which Bishop Bishop tackles some sort of political and/or social issues.

Vermon: Contradictions and thinking

A little early morning babbling.

Forty little monkeys jumping on a building, one fell off and broke my head

“Forty little monkeys jumping on a building.” A couple of days ago I received an eflux announcment about N S Harsha’s show Tamasha at Berliner Kunstlerprogramm/DAAD. Reading the promotional copy, the show sounds fascinating, referencing Indian and German religious and folk traditions/myths as well as the current problem of “the plague of monkeys in real […]

Responding to violence and terror

As my faithful and faithless followers are well aware, it has been a week of violence and terror in Boston, MA. For those of us in the United States, the events of this week loom large. Many of us have friends and loved ones who live in Boston. Many of us knew people running in […]

Artful listening: Not at the Dinner Table

It has been a few days since I’ve written, but today it is easy peasy to post a dose of the Good (and Not So Good) Words. As my faithful and faithless followers know, generally on Wednesdays when I do manage to write I write about the Good Words and/or Good Works of some creative […]

How to have a gay time and not hurt people

Things are hopping at The Bishop Family Compound. The various personae (you know every time I write that word I think of Camille Paglia and the shit storm she kicked up and that my dear faithful and faithless followers will help you place me on the temporal map), as I was saying before I went […]

Is my lack of central heat a first world problem? or how contempt is poisonous to our politics

It is a a cold for Florida day. It is only 43℉/9℃. I know those of y’all who live someplace with a real winter are saying “cry me a river.” But for the Florida born, this is cold. I have mentioned before that I live in a up on bricks house. We do not have […]

Filling the Thank Full: First Sunday in March 2013

So here at the Bishop Family Compound, we’ve been outputting like crazy- writing, shooting video for ourselves and for others, performing in a variety of personae, more writing, editing of words (we’ve been procrastinating on the editing of video footage) meeting about art projects, planning for art projects as well as working day jobs and […]

Scrap of scripture: Bucky Bar by DUS Architects

Editor’s Note: Bishop Bishop kept switching the title of the art piece from “Bucky Bar” to “Bucky Ball,” which is kind of fun, but also annoying. We tried to catch all the switches but may have missed one. My faithful and faithless followers may remember that I, way back in a dose called Not So […]

Generational gifts on a hard day

Yesterday my soul was a bit crispy. Way too much caffeine at dinner the night before got my brain cranking. Sleep was long in coming, and then I woke up too early, brain buzzing. When my brain is buzzing, I get a lot of work done, much of it good, but there is a cost. […]

Scrap of scripture: What if Ms. Dickinson guarded heaven’s door?

I would have written a dose of the Good (and Not So Good) Words yesterday, I had plenty of thoughts I wanted to share with y’all. But the artist who shares a corporal address with me (and a few other folks- Professor WishUp, Scarlet Azalea, Sheila Claws, etc) needed all of our available writing time […]