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Microfracture 3rd Day After

Less drugs, but oddly, more sleeping. Wish I could get my own glass of water. Friend dropped by and I couldn’t focus. I sleep and read and work my way to the bathroom to pee. Still no poop. Ah, how I want to poop. In some ways, I move much easier, but now I’m unsure, […]

Microfracture 2nd day after

I felt sorry for myself today. Trapped in the house, stiff and sore, and lonely, on a bit of a bluesy trip from the pain meds. Things felt unreal. But the world continues to spin out atrocities, which also feel unreal. Tonight, I cannot write about the surgery. I think about History, & War, & […]

Microfracture 1st Day After

I will write more of the why, what and how of the microfracture surgery when I feel a bit better. Surgery went well. Yesterday was hard but not impossible. Only a few teary moments of absolute frustration. Two months on crutches without putting any body weight on my left leg will be no small feat, […]

Microfracture future

It is 5:30 am. I’ve been up since 3 am. Owls are vocalizing to one another. One of cats cleans herself. In about an hour, B will drive me to the surgery center. In four hours, I will be knocked out and the surgeon will clean out the crumbly, crunchy cartilage, drill into my bone […]

Neat and Tidy, a messy multipart essay, part one

[This is the first of a series of loosely connected, perhaps sometimes contradictory, essays sparked by various books and conversations around ideas of neatness, messiness, and the good life]. In my library district many people have waited long months to read Marie Kondo’s book The life-changing magic of tidying up: the Japanese art of decluttering […]

Small Movements on a Monday Morning

My cat is determined to lay her head in the crook of my elbow as I try to type. She lays on the desk between my right and left arms and between my body and the keyboard. As she purrs, Kuniko Plays Reich plays and the hum of a bit of computer equipment fills the […]

Bears and Legos and Queens, Oh My

Bears and Legos and Queens, Oh My. Bears and Legos and Queens, Oh My. Bears and Legos and Queens, Oh My. Bears Last week as I drove to work listening to the news on NPR a very special sponsorship ad came on. I cannot find a audio copy of the ad, otherwise I would post […]

Taking Our Mumps: Why the Those Who Don’t Vacinate are Wrong But So Are the Rest of Us

Lately on FB, seems like every other post is related to the recent DiseaseLand measles outbreak. In between clickbait and status updates, there will be yet another post that validates all of us who believe that imperfect but rigorous science has improved public health more than fear-driven campaigns led by pop stars. One of my […]

Letting Grumbly Grumbles Float in a Phat Vat

One of the tricks that helps me keep on keeping on is letting grumbly grumbles float. This morning, I was easily annoyed by the “slings and arrows” of annoying fortunes. First the kvetch: I woke up tired and headachy, and my back still hurts from a recent flare up of an old muscle injury. I […]

This Girl Can Get Her Sweaty Freak On

A day or so ago the This Girl Can video, part of the This Girl Can UK campaign, popped up on my FB feed. I watched it and enjoyed it. Today, I have watched in four or five times, in part because it has a Missy Elliot song that I love as its soundtrack. The […]