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Making the minimum

My body and my mind are tired. One of my health problems is acting up, AND I have a dissatisfied mind. I am grumbly and a bit worried about small and large potatoes. I want to write for longer, to piece together a bit of something that speaks to something, but tonight, that ain’t going […]

Slipping soft and quiet through a soft, quiet, wet day

I am not sure how much I got done today. The day slipped, in the most delightful way, through my fingers. I read the news, scanned some FB, applied for a librarian position, did a semi-significant amount of school work, had a two hour catch up conversation with a friend, read a little, slowly drank […]

Filling the Thank Full: Second Sunday January 2015

Tonight, I give thanks, in no particular order, for: cosy pajamas the word “pajamas” home cooked food good company during tedious errands entertaining escapist television pancakies Country Foodly my cats my spouse access to (fairly) clean air, potable water, electricity, vaccinations, health care my family my friends Tonight, I give thanks for my life, even […]

Tired but satisfied on a Tuesday night

Tonight, my dear faithful and faithless followers, will be one of the times when I write only a few words. I have drafted Daily Doses that need to be reworked and then posted, things about important social and/or political issues, but tonight but I am much too tired. I am tired but satisfied. Now that […]

Meanderer’s Meditation: A resolution

Ages ago, you may remember, I declared that on Mondays I would write about movement powered by the human body, mainly my body’s movement, mainly walking and biking. Today, after a vigorous set of strength training, I walked and jogged 2 miles on the treadmill. Later, I biked to an appointment and back home (perhaps […]

Filling the Thank Full First Sunday January 2015

Yes, my faithful and faithless followers, it is time to once again fill the thank full. I fill the thank full so I can keep on keeping on. I fill the thank full so that I thrive, not just survive. Tonight, I am thankful for the tired eyed feeling that comes after a day of […]

Crisp green apples, berry vinaigrette and smoked Gouda fondue

Tonight, I do not have much to say to my faithful and faithless followers. But I promised myself and you that I would publish a post each and every day of this year, even if it was just twenty words, so I’m tipping my fingers across the keyboard to fulfill that promise. Tonight, the spouse […]

Whale Belly Day

Today was a Jonah Day. Lots of things when wrong, turned sour or just plain broke. When the spouse and I loaded in the car, the battery had run down. This was quickly fixed, because my dad had not yet left to walk his dogs and had a lovely, portable battery charger. When I got […]

Christmas Eve- a few images and vignettes

I have a small shiny burn spot on my right index finger. I burnt it taking banana nut muffins out of the oven. The muffins are based on a recipe by a woman named Lynn. She was a regular customer at the Original Book Gallery, the bookstore I worked at in my late teens, very […]

Fill the Thank Full: Fourth Sunday in Advent 2013

It has been a slow moving, grumbly weekend that somehow disappeared all too quickly. Of late, I have been writing the Good (and Not So Good) Words late- between 10:30 and 11:30 p.m. sometimes in the last fifteen minutes of a day. Tonight, I will take time to give thanks early because I am in […]