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Off the cuff: A bird in the face is worth my two cents

During a trip to Tampa taken earlier this year, which I mentioned in post way back when, I went with my sister and nephew to a mediocre, overpriced sea food restaurant called Whiskey Joe’s. The main reason my sister took us there was that is was a gorgeous day to be sitting on a deck […]

Vermon: Contradictions and thinking

A little early morning babbling.

Meanderer’s Musings: Praise Talking Walk

The last time I seriously tried to write The Daily Dose of the Good (and Not So Good) Words each and every day, I came up with the idea of writing “off the cuff.” Off the Cuff pieces were supposed to be short so they wouldn’t take so much time. Most doses take me four […]

Off the cuff: A little art about Wittgenstein to get you through the day

Well, it has been a mighty long while since I even attempted to write an entry for The Daily Dose of the Good (and Not So Good) Words. I won’t go into all the reasons that I haven’t written- I’ll just say that not all of them were ones that would make you feel sorry […]

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Off the cuff: Live long and prosper

Today, The Daily Dose of the Good (and Not So Good) Words will indulge in a little popular culture indulged in this morning and mix it with a quote from Terry Eagleton read last night topped off an anecdote heard this afternoon in the hopes of making some sort of meaning. I will start with […]

Off the cuff: Wham, bam, thank you, ma’am!

Today, The Dose of the Good (and Not So Good) Words will not be profound, long or involved. There is no moral to the story. No heart warming snippet. No peeks into the inner workings of my mission to save the whole wide world and little old you. Nope, just a brief little blip to […]

Off the cuff: Spambots love The Good (and Not So Good) Words

Tonight, I cross my heart and hope to die, stick a needle in my eye promise me, myself and I (and you, too) that I will spend less than 45 minutes writing (and editing) this off the cuff dose of The Daily Dose of the Good (and Not So Good) Words. The reason for this […]

Off the cuff: A matter of time

Tonight, The- sing it with me Judy Garland style, “Someday over the rainbow, some day soon”- Daily Dose of the Good (and Not So Good) Words is about time. As in time in a bottle, time won’t let me, time is on my side, time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping into the future, time is […]

Off the cuff: Kaddish

Now some of my faithful readers might think an off the cuff Dose of the Good (and Not So Good) Words about Kaddish lacks a necessary sense of gravity. But the truth of the matter is that some things are so awe-ful that even dump truck load of words cannot capture them. Death by suicide […]

Off the cuff: Amputee Porn

So my faithful readers are aware that I asked y’all to help me brainstorm a lovely list of possible topics/subjects/themes for my off the cuff editions of The Daily Dose of the Good (and Not So Good Words). This is to help me reach my goal of writing and posting Daily Doses every dang day. […]