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Meanderer’s Musing: By bike and by bookmobile

Today, I didn’t walk, but I did bike. And I did go around parts of the county via bookmobile. I will share just a few impressions from my meandering.

First by bike:┬áIt was 63 degrees this morning. On my bike, it felt quite cool to me, almost cold, and I wondered how much of that feeling almost cold was due to the general trend up into summer temperatures- 90 makes 63 almost cold in comparison. Or perhaps it is that I really am that much of a Florida child who gets chilly easily. As I biked to work, I enjoyed the motion of my legs and feet as they pushed the pedals down and around. I notice that White Kitty was on her spot on a park bench in a neighbor’s yard.

Next by bookmobile: We drove out to the east side of the county. It was a gorgeous day for a drive on country roads. One of the things I noticed were the wildflowers. They were flocks and black-eyed susans and all sorts of lovely wildflowers that I do not know by name. In Lake Alto, a woman in a bathing suit mowing her yard waved to us as her dog ran around her. The intersection of SR 26 and 301 has two gas stations, an empty building for rent and an adult movie rental store. In Windsor, an old man pulled over to take pictures of a rusty, old tractor.

Next by bike: At the end of work, as I unlocked my bike, I noticed the softness of the light, a promise of long summer days ending in gentle light. I biked through the Duck Pond. I passed a middled aged couple walking hand in hand in the street. A jogger came close to running into me even though I almost out of the the intersection that he was running into. A father with extremely long, warm brown hair tied back in by more than a few hair bands rolled his daughter down the grass beside the duck pond. She was clambering out of the stroller’s seat as it rolled down the grass.

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