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Short and sweet sixth sliding into seventh

Technically, the sixth day slid into the seventh day without my sitting down to write; it being a couple of minutes past midnight. But since I haven’t gone to bed yet, I’m counting this as keeping my commitment. This is going to be very short because not only am I brain dead from finishing up a 30 page paper, my body hurts from spending so much time sitting at the computer and one of my cats is determined to try to taste the candle flame. He stares at it a bit to intently, and I had to gently thump his head four or five times to get him not to touch the flame.

Despite all these small quibbles, I am grateful for taking this moment, late and fleeting, to write with a little candle light. I do not have anything to profound to offer up to my faithful and faithless followers. Yet, it seems that moments like this, strung or woven together over a lifetime of practice, become the safety lines my moments of high flying, chest bursting joy or deep diving, brain smashing despair less dangerous. I am exhausted- mentally and physically- but grateful that the cat has decide that the fire is not worth investigating. I have come to appreciate the quite moments of where satisfaction and discomfort are muddled together under the covers; marrying flavors, good and bad, in the soup pot.

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