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Meanderer’s Meditation: A resolution

Ages ago, you may remember, I declared that on Mondays I would write about movement powered by the human body, mainly my body’s movement, mainly walking and biking.

Today, after a vigorous set of strength training, I walked and jogged 2 miles on the treadmill. Later, I biked to an appointment and back home (perhaps 3/4 mile in total), and after dinner, I walked to the grocery store and back (I live five blocks from Publix). I much prefer walking/biking outside, but I find more than a little entertainment watching all those bodies moving on treadmills, all those bodies moving on ellipticals, all those bodies moving on stationary bikes. Especially since of all those bodies, few bodies would bike or walk to get to the gym, or to work, or to the grocery store.

Admittedly, I drove the over 4 miles to the gym, but I have biked to the gym before. I also did a wee bit of driving to a couple of other places. But I slowly am moving into wellness after a month of illness; I caught two bad viral colds in December. I ended up having a bad coughing fit after the bike ride today.

Once the last lingering crud clears from my lungs, I plan to begin take up the work of of a particular movement resolution. The resolution is to bike and walk as my main forms of transport as much as I can. There are some road construction projects that may delay my bike commuting to work, but by the end of February I hope to regularly bike to work (9 miles round trip) twice a week. There will be weeks I cannot do this; my goal is not rigid, but I look forward to challenging myself to shift driving to second or third place. I haven’t yet figured out how long it will take me; but I plan to celebrate when I have biked 500 miles in my commutes to work. (I also plan to go on pleasure bike rides, but they will not be part of my count).

I am so much happier when I walk or bike, and even on days when I feel miserable, walking or biking centers me. Walking calms me. Biking often is more exhilarating, but I do not get as angry on my bike as I do in my car. I can pay more attention to the world when I walk or bike. It takes more time to get there by foot but the time is well spent.

This resolution is about my pleasure. But I also hope to inspire others to consider bike commuting. I hope to inspire others to walk more, to bike more. To use their bodies to move their bodies through the world more. That’s how we can keep on keeping on.

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