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Tired but satisfied on a Tuesday night

Tonight, my dear faithful and faithless followers, will be one of the times when I write only a few words. I have drafted Daily Doses that need to be reworked and then posted, things about important social and/or political issues, but tonight but I am much too tired. I am tired but satisfied. Now that doesn’t mean that I am in any way deluded about just how much of a crapfest much of life is. I just spent a few moments surfing FB and was reminded once again that most content online is a ridiculous waste of time and resources. But in this moment, my eyes heavy and watering, a slow relaxed yawn interrupting my typing, I am happy to be alive. I had a good day. Not a perfect day; there were plenty of annoyances, and there were plenty of moments when I annoyed myself, yet I don’t clutch my irritability close.

There were plenty of reminders that the world is not fair, that many suffer, that injustice is threaded throughout through our social systems. I also know that some of my ease tonight is due to my position in the world. I do not forget that my joy is complicated; that some of my happiness is because I have and others have not. But my happiness, my ease and my joy are not solely the result of my various privileges.

I hope that all of you, my faithful and faithless followers, have a moment in the next month in which you hold your happiness up for careful but compassionate scrutiny. Your ease, your joy, your happiness, they are faceted jewels; with multifaceted flaws. They shine, but they are full of cracks. You cannot polish away the flaws; a pretty setting will not disguise the imperfections. I hope you look closely at your joy, your ease, your happiness and still choose to wear them. There might be particular pieces that should never be worn again, but I suspect that at least one is something you should wear with pride everyday.

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