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This Girl Can Get Her Sweaty Freak On

A day or so ago the This Girl Can video, part of the This Girl Can UK campaign, popped up on my FB feed. I watched it and enjoyed it. Today, I have watched in four or five times, in part because it has a Missy Elliot song that I love as its soundtrack.

The video shows women of all shapes and sizes and ages and colors working up a sweat. Some are runners, some play sports, some are taking fitness classes, some are swimming. All of them are moving their bodies vigorously. We see how, unless the image is doctored and/or filmed at just the right angle, bodies in motion jiggle. Thin bodies jiggle. Thick bodies jiggle. All bodies jiggle if they are moving with speed. And as this video shows, there can be such joy in that jiggle.

I have forwarded it to friends and shown it to co-workers. After I showed this to co-workers, we ended up having a conversation about how uncomfortable many women are if they are noticeably sweaty. Some of the women I know told me their sweat stories, which are not happy stories. They do not want others to see them sweat. I don’t have this particular body issue (I have plenty of others). I do not mind being sweaty; I do not mind other people noticing my sweat. It makes me feel tough. But for too many women I know, sweat equals shame.

Jiggle=uncontrollable flesh.

I am not saying this campaign is perfect, but the organizers listened to women to find out what would help them feel more comfortable moving. I love seeing all these different women moving their bodies. Moving their wonderful sweaty, jiggling bodies. In this video, sweat equals satisfaction; jiggle equals joy.


I long for a world where women move their bodies in joy. I long for a world where we celebrate the movement of bodies- female and male, young and old, large and small, thin and thick. May the god/dess I may or may not believe in help us all jiggle with joy.

I want to see you sweat.

Get your freak on!

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