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Filling the Thank Full Second Sunday of February 2015

On this cold (for North Central Florida) morning I give thanks for:

The view from my office window. Daddy finally got the large chunk of trunk to tip over all the way to the ground. The grand old dame of an oak tree fell on May Day 2010. The tree trimmers came and cut away her crown and limbs and took them away, but they left a ten foot tall chunk of her trunk, which tipped back up once she had been relieved of the weight of her crown and limbs. Daddy, now retired, has been slowly cutting away at her roots to free her from the soil. He plans to put a garden in. And we have to decide how to handle what is left of her body. Do we burn in? Do we try to cut it up? Do we roll it over to one side so that dogs and nephew can climb all over it? I write and then pause to look at the remains of this tree, and feel great joy.

I also give thanks for:

  • pancakes eaten at Country Foodly.
  • cozy pajamas.
  • Afrobeat.
  • early morning blue sky tinged with soft pastel pinks.
  • a day job promotion- good meaty brain work, better pay, and I will be able to easily bike to work most days.
  • time carved out for writing- academic and creative. I stopped writing for a few weeks, despite promises to myself, but I have started writing again. I love writing- even though I often publish Daily Doses with annoying but inevitable errors.
  • teaching performance- which I will do tomorrow.
  • honest but not despairing conversations about how much we are fucked by climate change, but how we might be wiped out by something that is not caused by human stupidity.
  • Michelle Tea’s new book, How to Grow Up, which I’m reading slowly and savoring.
  • While I often am frustrated by FB and other social media, I also am reminded regularly that I know such amazing people and that social media lets me be in contact with them. On Friday, after I had permission to tell folks I got the job, I made a post on FB. And lots of people I know have celebrated my joy by clicking like. I like the attention, but what I like more is that it gives me a chance to remember all the imperfectly-perfect, passionate, smart, dedicated, hard-working, creative, caring people I know. I give thanks for them. And I give thanks for all my faithful and faithless followers.

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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