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Filling the Thank Full Second Sunday June 2015

As this warm summer day slides into one of those summer nights, I take a few moments to give thanks. I am grateful for: 

  • Beautiful skirts (two) that swish & swirls around my knees. 
  • Feet sore from walking & dancing
  • A brain full with interesting thoughts about art & libraries & life
  • How much nicer my house is with just a bit of straigthing up done (I have a lot more to do because me and the spouse are slobs, but instead of dreading what I have left to do, I’m enjoying what I have done).
  • That the spouse is home after being gone for a week to take care of his Momma.
  • My new bike (old one stolen) & my new phone (old one too broken)
  • That tired from my neck down my back feeling that means I was physcially active yesterday & today.
  • The bike ride I will get to take tomorrow to commute to work.

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