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Filling the Thank Full: Fourth Sunday June 2015

Today I am thankful

that I gave myself a break after hard two year push to finish the MLIS (I graduated May 2nd). I let myself goof off for the better part of two months. I needed time to unwind. Now I pick projects up joyfully. I have writing projects, performance projects, house projects & health projects. And I’m slowly figuring out how to schedule the time to do the work. The next year is going to be amazing in terms of what I get done.
for clean clothes, fresh washed sheets, a freezer full of homemade chili (8 weeks worth of dinner.

for Supreme Court rulings that bend toward justice &  all the people celebrating & for the people saying that it is not enough.

that I finally am beginning to use all these damn devices to my advantage. I don’t want to spent all my time on device, but I do want to make that time work well for me.

that I can afford to make donations to causes I believe in. 

for theater. I love it more than I can say. I love teaching it, writing it, directing it, performing in it. I love watching it & thinking about it.

for writing groups. I recently joined a speculative fiction writing group. I love reading other people’s work & talking to a group about what works & doesn’t work. 

for afternoon thunderstorms.

that I know so many amazing people do so many amazing things.

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