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Filling The Thank Full: Second Sunday 2015

Today, I am grateful for Florida seasons. 

The temperature has shifted– today, the high was only 82 F or so, tonight it will get down to 63 F or so, giving us a taste of Fall. The temperatures will go back up, though not quite as high, as the next batch of rain comes rolling in (the rain keeps falling this summer). This taste is not what those of you accustomed  to more defined seasons would call Fall, but for Floridians, it is a hint of the hope that summer will let go. And we savor this short cool snap. 

I plan to savor the Florida Fall in all its regional specificity. Since it may be the last fall I spend here for three or more years. I am moving to California in November. The San Francisco Bay Area has very different weather than Florida, though it also does not has the classic, clearly defined four seasons of the Northeast. I plan to savor the weather in California, but I will miss Florida weather.

Today, I am grateful for Florida weather.

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