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Microfracture 1st Day After

I will write more of the why, what and how of the microfracture surgery when I feel a bit better. Surgery went well. Yesterday was hard but not impossible. Only a few teary moments of absolute frustration. Two months on crutches without putting any body weight on my left leg will be no small feat, but I am already finding my feet, so to speak. We bought a toilet seat riser thing, and Daddy put in a metal handle on the wall today, and getting up and down from toilet became much easier. I crowed with glee when I could go to toilet on my own. Small pleasures.

I received very disappointing news about a job that I wanted. I cried a bit, no doubt helped by the meds. But now I am calm. My first priority is healing. Everything else, I will take as it comes. Next week, I will begin applying again. I’m taking care and doing my best to keep on keeping on.

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