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Filling the Thank Full: Second Sunday in October 2012

Ah, my faithful and faithless followers, we have made it through another week, and while I fail in my goals to fill the thank full every Sunday, I am here right now and that is what I am going to focus on.

Tonight, I give thanks for tear inducing a cappella singing of Bach. I give thanks for being a witness to a rite of passage ceremony. I give thanks for a weekend full of much needed leisure reading- some of it “smutty,” some of it “wholesome”- all of it enjoyed by me. I give thanks for a morning full of simple service. I give thanks for a nice brisk bike ride.

Today, I give thanks for a day full of food made and eaten at home. I give thanks for quick and companionable work with my husband as we got the ingredients ready to go in the crockpot.

This weekend, I give thanks for getting to take part in the 2nd 24 hour theater festival. Saturday was a long day, and while I did not expect to have to direct and act, I enjoyed doing both. I give thanks to Jessica Arnold and George O’Brien for organizing the event. I give thanks to the Civic Media Center for hosting the event. I give thanks to Carolyne Salt for staying up all night to write a very funny play. I give thanks to Patrick Riggs, Patrick Birmingham and Derek Lipsig for doing such a great job acting in Carolyne’s play. I give thanks to all the other writers, directors, actors and helpers. I give thanks to the audience for their enthusiastic enjoyment.

This week, I give thanks for performing at The Conch, breakfasting with friends, teaching at Sequential Artists Workshop.

I give thanks for good work, good people, good conversation, good food.

There is much wrong in this world of wonder and woe. There are things wrong in my life. There are things wrong in our collective life. My taking time to give thanks does not negate those wrongs. But like onions in the crockpot, a sense of gratitude for the small and large wonders helps the flavors of my life stand out. I take time to savor those flavors. Cultivating appreciation for the blessings of my life helps give me the strength to better face what is wrong in the world.

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