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Off the cuff

I move closer and closer to my goal of writing and posting The Daily Dose of the Good (and Not So Good) Words daily. I am not there yet, but I am closer. And one of the things I have figured out along the way is that if I want to administer Daily Doses to y’all every dang day, I have to find ways to speed up my writing.

Generally, any given Daily Dose takes me quite a long while to write. I’m more than a little bit persnickety. And arranging and re-arranging words is one of my all time favorite things to do. Combine those two traits together and you’ll understand why it can take me way longer than an hour to write a Daily Dose, though it will leave you puzzled over how I still manage to make so many typos and spelling errors.

I have decided to speed up the production process so as to reach my goal of giving y’all The Daily Dose daily sometime this century. One or two times a week, I still will slow cook The Daily Doses, until the meat of the matter is tender and falling off the bone. But most days, I will mix up quick, breezy, strawberry daiquiris flavored Daily Doses. These doses will be more off the cuff, more improvisational, written in 45 minutes or less.

I will write a bunch of possible subjects/themes/topics for future Daily Doses on scraps of paper and drop them into a bowl or bag or some such, mix them up, and then on short and sweet helps the medicine go down Daily Dose days, I will pull the living in the future tense dose’s topic out of my hat, set my timer for 45 minutes and see what Good (and Not So Good) Words I can pull out of my ass.

I need help. Send me subjects, themes, topics, words, concepts, names of colors or objects or places or people, images, ideas, etc. It can be as broad a concept as “the economy” or as specific as “tax resisters tea party.” It can be as serious or silly. It can be political, religious, artistic, academic, sexual, social or some strange combination.

Send your grist for my mill by commenting on this post or by emailing me, TheBishop (at) bishopbishop (dot) com.

Take care and keep on keeping on.

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