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Off the cuff: Amputee Porn

So my faithful readers are aware that I asked y’all to help me brainstorm a lovely list of possible topics/subjects/themes for my off the cuff editions of The Daily Dose of the Good (and Not So Good Words). This is to help me reach my goal of writing and posting Daily Doses every dang day. Besides which, it is a form of call and response with my online congregation, and I love call and response.

I got a, one, only one, just one, one suggestion. Someone suggested I write a Daily Dose about amputee porn. Now, you might think that person was being a smart ass, trying to trip me up by offering up a potentially shocking recommendation, but s/he wasn’t. No, the suggestion was made with a fairly straight face (or at least I assumed s/he had a straight face, since I couldn’t actually see the face in question).

Now in order to keep my writing time to 45 minutes or less (the major thing that makes a Daily Dose off the cuff is that I don’t spend hours and hours writing it), I will focus in on one key idea. I will not go into the complex, thorny, knotty issue of fetish porn that focuses on people’s body parts or lack thereof. No, I will follow one thought trail.

I think how someone responds to hearing the word “amputee” before the word “porn” tells us a lot about where that person is at. Again, I won’t go into all the possible reactions, since looking at just one reaction is enough grist for the mill. If the reaction is to snigger and try to make a (bad) joke out of it, then it is unlikely that s/he can imagine someone with physical disabilities or “non-standard” bodies having beautiful, hot, amazing sex with partners that- really and truly- find that particular someone attractive.

This is an extension of the shame of and hate for our imperfect, not always controllable bodies (with or without a significant disability) that most of us carry with us. Many people shudder at the idea of seeing their aging parents naked, not only because of the taboo most middle class American families have about parental nudity, but also because they assume that their parents’ aging bodies are ugly. And if you dare suggest the aging, wrinkled, sometimes fat bodies of our parent’s and grandparent’s generation and, depending on how old we are, our own generation can be beautiful fucking, you might have to deal with other people recoiling in disgust.

This makes me sigh.

I send this prayer out to you:

May we create a world where “amputee porn” is not the butt of jokes made to diffuse people’s anxieties about their own imperfect, sometimes out of control, bodies. A world where our first reaction to images of old, fat, wrinkled and/or physically handicapped bodies having sex would not be disgust. May we make a world where we could admit that we found those images beautiful and yes, even, arousing.



Pretty please with sugar on top.

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