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Filling the Thank Full: First Sunday in February 2013

I had all sorts of plans to write a lovely little piece about my gratitude for kindred spirits. But between one of my pick up jobs and some volunteer work, I worked about 8 hours today. Add in some chores, getting to and from places, meal eating and some necessary laziness and well, my road to hell got quite a bit of paving today. This means no lovely little piece about kindred spirits. That will be saved for another dose of the Good (and Not So Good) Words.

Instead my faithful and faithless followers get a list of ten things for which I give thanks tonight:

1. Typing this piece in bed.
2. The tall glass of water beside me on the nightstand
3. The cat sprawled out at my feet.
4. The content feeling that comes from knowing that this past two weeks were very productive in many areas of my life- writing/art, paying work, chores, paid video project work, volunteer work.
5. I wrote over 5000 words in the past 8 days.
6. Finishing a downloadable audio that I checked out from the library while getting caught up at one of my pick up jobs.
7. Came home to tasty leftovers.
8. Knowing that we have more great leftovers for dinner tomorrow.
9. Brief visits from girls (under 10) who live in the neighborhood, in which plans where made for a longer visit with tea and cookies and card games.
10. Being full body tired and knowing that means I will sleep well tonight.

Until next time, take care and keep on keeping on.

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