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Meanderer’s Musings: A day full to the brim

Today was full to the brim. I did not walk or run today, but my cup runneth over. It is just after 11:00 p.m. I have been up since a bit before 7:00 a.m. Today, I wrote for more than four or five hours. I did a video shoot. I cooked food. I loaded and folded laundry. I washed dishes. I worked on another project, for quite a long while but I didn’t get as much done on it as I would have liked. I did some planning and some networking. I wrote two short letters. I drove across town to my pick up job and worked for a bit more than three hours.

All days cannot be this full. I would burn out if they were. I have burned out because of too many days like this. But occasionally, a long push of a day is a wonderful thing. Today was a good day. And I with end this dose of the Good (and Not So Good) Words with three things that make full to the brim day delightful instead of stressful.

1. It is easier to work for hours and hours and hours when I am alone. For most of the day, I did not have to respond to anyone’s else’s needs. I could focus on the needs of the day, the needs of the work. I did log in Facebook, and I did send some emails today; to check in about upcoming social or art obligations. I did interact with my spouse. I filmed someone today. But most of my day was spent alone. Spending quality time in my own company doing things that I love (cooking, writing, planning) is relaxing even on days when I work a bit too much.

2. It helps to break up a day full of mental/computer with physical chores. I took breaks by chopping onions and prepping food. I got away from the computer by changing loads of and folding laundry.

3. I know when it is time to quit. It is now time to quit. To save this imperfect dose of the Good (and Not So Good) Words. To post it. And then to make my way to bed. Satisfied with a day well spent.

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