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Meanderer’s Musings: Moving in Place

The past few weeks have been full to the rafters with work (day jobs, paid video project work, creative work, planning work and yes, even a few chores though not as much as I should have done). I have not gone on a neighborhood walk in quite a while. I miss it.

While I haven’t gone on walks, I have been biking almost every day. Biking opens up a larger tract of land for me to move through. Besides making me feel joyous more often than not (I have an easy to push joy button), it is slow enough for me to feel connected to the place I am moving through. Not as deeply as when I am walking but still connected. But I miss the deeper connection of walking the land.

Daddy walks the neighborhood twice a day, dogs being no respecters of things like busy schedules. He knows our neighborhood. He is attuned to small changes. He reports to me some of those changes as we lean over a fence; The Bishop Family Compound has all sorts of fences. He shares intel about the people he encounters. He practically sings to me, “the people that you meet, when you’re walking down the street.” Recently, he told me about the neighborhood goat. Someone nearby has a goat that she walks with her dog. She even has gone on bike rides with the dog and goat running beside her. My father has, holding his three dogs firmly in hand, chatted the goat-dog woman up. He is pleased as punch about knowing this neighborhood tidbit. This is the best kind of gossip.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, walking your land, and I believe that the land belongs to all of us regardless of deeds and titles, is an important way to be rooted in your particular place. Walking is a productive way to move in place.

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