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About: Saving the whole wide world

The (not yet despite the best of intentions) Daily Dose of the Good (and Not So Good) Words tackles everything from religion to politics to sex to art making to mood disorders ’cause the basic premise is that the whole world is scripture. Some of doses are well written; some are sloppy splash dashes. As a project of Bishop Bishop, this blog is part of her attempt to save the whole wide world and little old you.

What exactly she hopes to save the world from/for is unclear, but she is determined to save it despite such uncertainties. Most of the time, she figures if she can save a few folks from ahedonia and despair, she has done a little something to help folks keep on keeping on.

Writing Schedule (when Bishop Bishop writes on these days, she tries to write on these themes)

Mondays: Meanderer’s Meditations, reflections on motion, mainly human powered, mainly walking. Read this one.

Tuesdays: The latest Vermon (video+sermon=Vermon). These are short, off the cuff improv pieces. Occasionally, instead of a Vermon, there will be some little bit of writing about whatever strikes her fancy.

Wednesdays: Other peoples’ good words and/or good works (art/crafts, video/film, comics, music, performance, etc). Not really a review; more of an exploration of the gift an art maker (broadly defined) has made to the world and what we might learn from it. Here’s one for you to try.

Thursday: Those Who Serve, pieces about people who give service (broadly defined) or pieces about what it means to serve, why we serve and/or how we serve. Try this one.

Friday: We’re not sure what Fridays will be dedicated to. There had been thoughts of having Fridays be longer form essays, but since some of the other doses end up mighty long, Bishop Bishop reserves the right to not write on this day (of course, she does that for all days, but we digress).

Saturday: Scrap of scripture day- Some bit of something found somewhere and written about as if it is scripture.

Sunday: Filling The Thank Full, mainly gratitude lists, sometimes short essays on a particular person/place/object/idea/subject worthy of thanks.

But who the hell is Bishop Bishop?

In 2001, Bishop Bishop cracked out of the skull of the god that she may or may not believe in or, perhaps, she is just a headache for the particular artist with whom she shares a last name and corporal address. The lines between Bishop Bishop and the artist with whom she shares space are criss-crossed, muddy and dotted.

Bishop Bishop reaches out to some bodies (when she speaks in tongues, it often is dirty) with The Good (and Not So Good) Words any way she can. She preaches, writes and Vermonizes (video+sermon=Vermon) for the “unchurched” at cabarets, conferences and exhibitions, on blogs, through websites such as Facebook and YouTube and various other (e)Missionary venues. You can check out her website, though it has been a mighty long while since it has been updated due to web programming trials and tribulations.

Bishop Bishop was ordained by the Universal Life Church (loosey, goosey New Age spiritual fun for all) and The Church of Spiritual Humanism (hard core atheists) to best represent her atheist/mystic split. She can marry, bury and bless you in many, though not all, cities and states.

The negative of Bishop Bishop