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Call me

Today, laddies and gentlewomen, I must admit I feel put upon. Now there are millions of people in the world that have it much worse than I do; but when I feel put upon reflecting on how much more shit some poor schmuck has to swallow does not make me feel better. It just adds […]

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Go Fish!

For those of you who have been following The (Not Yet Despite the Best of Intentions) Daily Dose, you know that I relish tongue in cheek exaggeration- the image of my cheeky tongue is quite tasty, is it not?  I believe that there is a place in our intellectual adventures for hyperbole, for exaggeration, for […]

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Ring around the Stinky Cheese Man

This is the fourth Daily Dose of the Good (and Not So Good) Words.  I hold to my intention to do write these daily.  I fail and flail, but I keep going. Today, I have a loose plan, an almost improvisational performance in mind.  I want to take a little Badiou with a dash of […]

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A Sack of Skin Full of Wet Words Digging for A Pony

Today, the (not yet) Daily Dose blazes a trail up a different hill while backtracking to our (camp) site, set up in the first Daily Dose, to pick up a trail mix of images of maps and trails and blazes, oh my. We need to have something to crunch in our teeth as we walk […]

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Self Evident Truths

Now in the previous, first, and before today, only, Daily Dose,  “I” said that “I” was going to reflect and write every damn day to mark a trail to help you find your (own) way.  And that for the next month of days (November 6th to December 10th, to be precise), “I” was going to […]

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Keep Going!

Today, for the first time, I break a trail and ask that you journey with me for a spell.  Walk with me for a while as I spread The Good (and Not So Good) Words.  I ask you to join me on this path; to explore a “long and winding road.”  You won’t be disappointed, […]

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